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Learn How To Purchase A Poker Set 

There are so many different ways to purchase poker related items including chip sets, poker tables, poker accessories, and even poker books. With the recent popularity of this age-old card game, you can find them in many local stores as well as numerous specialty websites. Just like with most things in life if you are willing to do a little “leg work” you can often find a great deal as there is a wide range of price. The internet, due to it being a worldwide marketplace with thousands and thousands of competitors that are not limited by geography, is generally the best place to bargain shop. On the web you will find a variety of poker chip sets, poker tables, poker table tops and many other poker accessories.


Poker chip sets come in many different styles and designs, and have different combinations of accessories. The best and most cost effective way purchase everything you need to start a home poker game is to purchase a Poker Combo Package. Poker combo packages usually come with your choice of chips, a poker table or poker table top, and depending on the package you choose your choice of accessories like a card shuffler, two decks of cards, and/or a dealer button. With one of these packages you get everything you need to start a regular game of poker with friends.

The price will vary depending on the style and weight of chips you choose, the type of case, and whether you want a poker table or a table top. Styles generally include the basic Suits, Dice & Diamonds, but can come in many others, some with pictures and some with denominations – you are sure to find a style perfect for you. Weights vary from 9gram to 13.5gram clay chips, or 11.5gram composite chips. Cases can be aluminum, leather, wood and hold anywhere from 300 chips to 600 chips usually. Poker tables and table tops can be round, octagonal, or oval and usually fit anywhere between 5 to 10 people. Even if you can’t find exactly what you want in the pre designed poker combo packages, many sites are very willing to work with you to put together a package that will be perfect for you.

So in review you will most often find your best deal with the most options on the internet. If you are willing to do a little bit of research you will generally do better than any local store can offer you especially when it comes to personalizing the poker set to you personal tastes. Look for a site that is willing to work with you and offers quality merchandise at affordable prices—there are several of them out there!